Galway Hookers

Galway Hookers

Galway Hookers

An overview

The Galway Hooker

The Galway Hooker is a traditional boat distinctive to Galway Bay and the coast of Connemara. This iconic craft, sturdy, yet elegant and agile, is characterized by a black-coloured hull and rust-red sails.

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About the GHA

The Association

The Galway Hooker Association was established in 1978 for the purpose of promoting the restoration and preservation of these traditional boats in Ireland.

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Summer Races

The Races

Once utilitarian boats, the Galway hookers are now used as leisure crafts: the skills of boat builders and crews can be appreciated during the Summer Regattas.

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Calendar of Events

Maumeen - Results

Gleoiteoigí Beaga L1
1. Ceol na Mara
2. Naomh Feichín
3. McHugh
Gleoiteoigí Beaga L2
1. Inis Bearachain
2. Bád Fr. Carter
3. An Mary Ann
Gleoiteoigí Móra
1. St. Mary
2. Naomh Ina
3. St. Katherine
Leath Bháid
1. An Norah
Báid Mhóra
1. An Tonai

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    Chairman - Secretary
  • Ciarán Griffin

    Deputy Chairman - Official Spokesperson
  • Bertie O' Donnell

  • Máirtín Ó Ceoinín

    Deputy Treasurer - Official Spokesperson
  • Eilís Petroni

    Webmaster - Media Manager

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