The sad news has arrived that the great artist and friend of the Galway Hookers, Ric O'Reilly, has passed away this afternoon. He reaffirmed his love for the Connemara sailing community when I met him last weekend, and left this world very content with his life. Our community will definitely miss his ever impressive art and his geniality at the Roundstone Regatta each summer. Your sails have been lowered, and this boat has found its harbour.

Meet the Galway Hookers and the families that own them!  Bádóirí  video series, starting from Thursday 10th January at 8.00 pm on TG4 Irish TV Channel-

 The winners and the Ranking for 2018 Championship are now available here

In association with Bádóirí an Cladaig, Port of Galway Sea Scouts, various Sailing Clubs in Galway City & County, and the wider Claddagh Community, Galway Bay Boat Tours is embarking on a new community based project to restore the “Lovely Anne” Gleoiteog and roll out a series of Traditional Sail Training Programmes for 2019.

The Lovely Anne:
This 140 year-old workboat was built in 1882 by Galway boat-wright, Patrick Brannelly (famous for building An Tónaí & the Morning Star).
The Lovely Anne has a fascinating story. After being part of Galway’s hooker fleet in the early 1900s she was sold over 45 years ago in Spiddal to Jim Parkinson, who fished her for many years. Later he relocated to Killybegs, Co. Donegal and the boat has been in his possession ever since.
This boat has recently been brought back to Galway by Ross Forde (Brannelly's Great-Great Grandson), where she will join the rest of the hooker fleet based in the City.