Due to weather conditions all the classes will sail tomorrow, 20th July -
Gleoiteoga Móra & Beaga Race on Saturday 20  at 12 am. Meeting of Skippers and Crew at 11.30 am
Báid Mhóra & Leath Bháid Race on Saturday 20  at 4 pm. Meeting of Skippers and Crew at 3.30 pm


Sunday 14th July
Skipper meeting at 1.30 pm
Gleoiteoga Móra & Beaga race at 2.00 pm

Tuesday 16th July
Skipper meeting on the island.
Báid Mhóra & Leath Bháid race at 3pm, starting at the Island.


Féile na mBád will take place In Kilkieran on 6th and 7th July 2019. Schedule as follow:

Sat. 6 July - 3.00 pm Race of Gleoiteoga Móra and Beaga (L 1 and L 2)
                    2.30 pm Skipper meeting

Sun.7 July - 3.00 pm  Race of Leathbháid and Báid Mhóra   
                    2.30 pm  Skipper meeting


We are very glad to announce that 3 Galway Hookers have been recently launched.
"Colmcille", a leathbhád, was launched on 6 April at Rosmuc.
After a careful restoration, the gleoiteog "Lovely Anne" made her first voyage on Friday 19th April in the waters of Claddagh basin.
A few days ago, Rosmuc was again home to the launch of a gleoiteog beag, "An Caiteagh Beag" (the Little Witch) on 11 May.
"Ceol na Mara" has been completely restored by Joe Reaney and is being blessed for the Mac Donnacha family from An Cheathrú Rua on the 18th of May at Caladh Thaidhg pier.
Thanks to the Máirtin Ó Droighneáin, Oliver Ó Conaire, the Bádóirí an Cladaiġ group and Aodán Mac Donnacha for their efforts and their passionate commitment in bringing these old Galway Hookers back to their former glory. Well done! The Galway Hookers Community hope that your enthusiasm will help in further promoting these iconic traditional boats and maintaining them in ship-shape conditions for the generations to come.