Winners - Buaiteorí 2017

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Rásaí na Húicéirí, the book

Hot off the press! Rásaí na Húicéirí is the new book recently published by Seanchaí Editions. Click HERE for more info


Boatmen Dinner 2017

The Boatmen Dinner 2017 turned out to be a pleasant event. The dining room was crowded with the boatmen and their families, each one enjoying the meal and sharing in company and laughter. 
At the end of the



The Galway Hooker Association has a RIB type boat for attending the regattas during the sailing season. Aboard with the RIB skipper, the race referee is there to assure that the races are run fairly and also to


Navigation Course

The Galway Hooker Association is providing a shore-based course in navigation for its members with the support of the BIM FLAG scheme. Galway Hooker sailors are naturally gifted mariners and this course in Coastal


Féile an tSrutháin - Carraroe

Join us for the Féile an tSrutháin in Carraroe,1-3 September - Here the scheduled Events:


5.30 pm                   - Gleoiteoga


Cruinniú na mBád - Kinvara

On the third weekend of August many hookers take part in a three-day revival of the old working days: after loading the boats with turf in Connemara, the hookers sail to Kinvara for Cruinniú na mBád - The Gathering


Rossaveel Regatta

Rossaveel race will take place on Saturday 5th August 2017. The starting ( Báid Mhóra and Leath Bháid only) is at 3 pm. Thee meeting for the crews is at Rossaveel pier at 2


"Johnny Bailey" Race

This race is held every year in memory of Johnny Bailey, owner of "An Capall". The course is from Chuigeal to Maimeen Pier. No points are awarded to competing boats, as this is a memorial race to honour a great


Féile Chuigéal

Our next meeting is Féile Chuigéil : see you in Lettermullan during the last weekend of July (29th - 30th).
Saturday at 1p.m. Gleoiteoga Móra and Gleoiteoga Beaga
Sunday at 1 p.m. Báid Mhóra and Leathbháid


Roundstone Regatta

Join us for the Roundstone Regatta on 22 - 23 July! Races start at 3 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.


Mc Dara Festival

Update: no races on Saturday, due to adverse weather conditions.
This Festival was the starting point for the hooker’s revival in 1976, when the carefully


Féile na mBád Kilkieran

Féile na mBád will take place In Kilkieran on 2nd July 2017. All the classes of boats are competing on Sunday, scheduled as follow:

1.30 pm   Race of Gleoiteoga Móra and Beaga (L 1 and L


Féile an Dóilín

Our next meeting is Féile an Dóilín: see you in Carraroe during the last weekend of June (23th - 25th) There will be Hooker Boat Races along with plenty of games & fun for


Wiora Race

The Galway Hookers are taking part in the WIORA - West of Ireland Offshore Racing Association: we do hope this will


Húicéirí, Galway Hookers, the Book

Hot out of Press! Húicéirí - Galway Hookers, has been recently published by Seanchaí Editions. After an overview of the hookers, their History and an outlook on their future,